Sunday, March 3, 2013

“Doomsday Prepper” versus Disaster Preparedness Engineer

I know this is basically a play on words but but if liberals can play on words than I should be able to play on words. People have bad perception of what a “doomsday preppers” is! What is a doomsday prepper? A doomsday prepper is a person who is preparing for major crises like collapse of the US economy, collapse of the US government, major disasters that have an impact on the way we live our lives today. Doomsday preppers make provisions and stockpile weapons, food and may have bunker of some type. They are the ones that have over a years supply of food, thousands of rounds of ammunition for several different types of weapons, which isn’t a bad thing but many people who think that FEMA will be there and their time of need think doomsday preppers are a bunch of crackpots. But as soon as FEMA doesn’t show up within the first week, the people who are not prepared are all of a sudden seeking help. I don’t like the wording of doomsday prepper. I don’t think it should be used anymore. Instead of using doomsday prepper, we use ”disaster preparedness engineer.”

A disaster preparedness engineer is a person or family, that prepares for any natural, environmental and man-made disaster. These disasters include; a nuclear meltdown at a power plant, a biochemical spill, volcanic eruption, hurricane, snowstorm, intruders, the power going out, or any other emergency that may arise. Just because you’re prepared for an emergency does not make you a crazy person. I was a Boy Scout when I was young man I was always talk to be prepared. The government is not always going to help you, especially at the time when you really need help and that is usually immediately. Not two weeks later, when FEMA finally arrives.