Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finding Water with None in Sight

Dear Readers,
This is a guest post by Jason E. Hill about finding water. If you are interested in more information from him, he can be reached at No Jokes Survival.
Please enjoy!
APN State Blog Editor
The Daily Prepper News
You’re out hiking when you come across a neat looking trail. You follow it for a while, taking pictures, when you realize the trail is gone and you do not know where you are. It is getting hot outside and you are really thirsty. Your short hike has now turned into a survival situation. This scenario plays out frequently in National Parks and trails all over the country.
There are numerous ways to find and collect water in a survival situation. When in survival mode, you want to do as little as possible to preserve fluids and energy. Transpiration is a very easy method which requires minimal materials and minimal effort.
What is Transpiration? Transpiration, in generic terms, is when plants ‘sweat’ the moisture inside them. TheFinding water with no water in sight.amount of water shed will depend on heat, humidity, sunlight and the amount of water inside the plant. The way that we can harness is this wonderful and natural occurrence is with the use of a plastic bag…and the rays of that burning mass of gas called the ‘Sun’. Here are the steps:
  1. Find a tree or bush with as many green leaves possible. Avoid plants like poison oak, etc
  2. Use a plastic bag you find or one you brought with you, because your prepared, and place it around a big bunch of leaves.
  3. Bundle up the open end of the bag against the main branch and tie off with rope, shoestring or whatever you have available.
  4. If the bag is not naturally hanging low, tie a string to the branch and tie it to something low to the ground. This will allow the water collecting to pool in a corner of the bag.
  5. Allow the bag to be exposed to as much sunlight as possible. This will heat up the plastic bag, the plants will ‘sweat’, and the water will condense on the inside of the bag and eventually drip and collect in the corner.
  6. Enjoy clean fresh drinkable water that needs no filtration or purification!